Weekly Workout Schedule + A Superfood Breakfast

Happy Monday!

I am starting off my week with a full day at work, two introductory training sessions after work, and coaching the weight loss challenge at the gym after all that. So my week in workouts starts slow with just a quick HIIT session during lunch – probably a good thing as I am getting over whatever nasty cold/flu thing is going around here. I know it is hard to avoid going in to work when sick but I get so annoyed having an office mate coughing and sneezing all over the place because guess what? The sickness then comes to you. A nurse told me once that if you are within 6 feet of a sneezing/coughing person you are in trouble…does anybody know if that is true? True or not, ever since hearing that I now react by practically hurdling myself across the room anytime someone sneezes or coughs…its not helping and it looks weird so I should probably stop. Right?

I did my best to fight of illness with some vegetable juices and smoothies this week and managed to find my all-time new favorite morning super food smoothie inspired by this list over at FitSugar.


Pomegranate Chia Protein Smoothie

(2 servings)

1 cup Greek Yogurt

1/2 cup pure pomegranate juice + enough water to thin it out

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/2 cup frozen strawberries

As much spinach as you can fit in the blender (or maybe like 1-2 cups)


chia smoothie, breakfast, superfood smoothie, strawberries, greek yogurt

Superfood Chia Smoothie

I planned my workouts for this week yesterday over a beer with LO. Felt very accomplished doing so. Also, I decided to stop doing upper/lower body splits for the next 3 weeks and focus on 3 full-body metabolic resistance training sessions per week. Was it the slight buzz I was sporting during our lunchtime beer-ing or am I just feeling a little creative? We will never know, but nonetheless here is what this week looks like:

Monday: HIIT cardio

Tuesday: Full Body Strength Circuit

Full Body strength training toning circuit to burn fat

Fat Burning Full Body Circuit

Wednesday: long run + abs

Thursday: Cardio (kickboxing) + 15 minute abs

Friday:  Full body Strength Circuit (same as above)

Saturday: Yoga/Rest

Sunday: AM long run + PM Strength Circuit (this workout with some of my own tweaks)

Why Metabolic Resistance Training?

Metabolic Resistance Training is a type of training that is meant to stoke metabolic rate and maximize calorie burn by moving through a resistance training circuit quickly and efficiently combining full-body compound movements and cardio accelerations. MRT is fantastic for bringing your body back in balance (working the entire body at once in compound movements rather than isolating muscle groups and potentially overworking) as well as burning fat and inreasing your metabolism.
I will be posting some of my favorite fat burning metabolic resistance circuits this week – stay tuned!

I like to switch between periods of strength training splits (for example – 2 days upper/2 days lower or chest/legs/abs then back/biceps then shoulder/tris/legs/abs)  and periods of metabolic resistance training in order to keep my workouts fresh and keep my body guessing. Changing up the frequency and type of exercise forces your body to adapt to new movement, improving your overall fitness and efficiency, as well as improving mind-body connection.


In other news…this is what I will be working on tonight:

The hummus to beat all other hummus










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